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About Us

B-BOVID is an Agribusiness based on social entrepreneurship principles. We are promoting a new model of socially-inclusive commercial farming combining innovative agricultural practices with ecological farming. We want to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems through innovation and technology in Agriculture.

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What We Do

B-BOVID is a group of company that is comprises of four unique department with each strategically setup to achieve its social impact goal as well as contributes towards B-BOVID Value chain. Our services are four-fold:

- B-BOVID Mills
- B-BOVID Farms
- B-BOVID Innovation Centre
- B-BOVID Mart

Our Theory Of Change

B-BOVID believes that communities are endowed with natural resources that if harnessed can translate the fortunes of its people. The latter, being resources themselves, are equally endowed to harness their natural resources to alleviate poverty and build a life of wellbeing and dignity as they optimize their potentials for themselves and society at large. B-BOVID, being a social entrepreneur, believes that facilitating community...

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Our Unique Innovation

The model is based on using inclusive business and social entrepreneurship concept with corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities of other corporate organisation for the benefit of communities with in the western Region. B-BOVID a social enterprise which is actively involved in agro processing, is interested in operating an out grower scheme for oil palm and vegetables.

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Produce and supply high quality organic and biodiversity products such as palm oil, palm kernel oil, vegetable oils, vegetables, and fertilizers for the domestic and international markets.


Become a leading medium-sized company that provides organic and biodiversity products, advocates for ecological farming and brings the best science to bear on the needs of decision makers in relation to the links between human development (people), ecosystems (planet), business (profit) and sustainability.


Create direct and indirect job opportunities for women and the youth, Produce affordable but high quality fertilizer to improve the productivity of rural farmers, Higher income for farmers since organic produce has more value and sells for higher prices, Reduce cost of community or municipal waste management.


Moringa SCA SICAR (Moringa), the European impact investment fund specialized in agroforestry companies with strong environmental and social impact, has partnered B-BOVID Limited, a Ghanaian agribusiness company.
Created in 2004, B-BOVID Ltd is a national and United Nations (UN) award-winning farming and processing palm oil enterprise based on social entrepreneurship principles and agroforestry practices. The company already produces crude and palm kernel oil from fruits harvested from more than 2,000 farmers.


Twenty Ghanaian companies have been selected by the London Stock Exchange as having the ability to inspire Africa the year 2019. Among other things, the companies were recognized for proving the ability to provide leadership for the next generation of African entrepreneurs.
To be included in the list, companies needed to be privately held, and show an excellent rate of growth and the potential to power African development.


     United Nation Social Investment Pioneer Award
     TWAM Business Leadership Award - Agribusiness of the Year
    West Africa Regional Magazine Award - Business Excellence In Agribusiness


     B-BOVID CEO Wins Western Regional Farmer of the Year
     FAO Extols B-BOVID Model
     B-BOVID Wins Innovative Agribusiness of the year Award
     Ghana Agriculture Minister Laud B-BOVID


      +233 244 939 848
      P.O. Box TD 177, Takoradi, Ghana

Working Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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